A Multi-Media Production Company


Historic Site Promotion

Video Tour Maps

Video Production

Our approach to video production is tailored to the project. For historic site videos this can vary, from a narrative driven presentation to a point-of-view presentation where a person connected to the site guides the story. Each video tour cost is based on the time, tasks and resources required to deliver the product the client desires. We produce programs in both official languages.

Walking Tours

Our video tour maps can be created for both motor tours and walking tours. We have created historic site walking tour maps for community awareness, city tourism and special events such as children's festivals.

Research & Writing

We keep research and writing as a separate service as some clients have their own research and written materials that can be used for the video production. We have in-house staff to conduct research and writing. We also partner with outside organizations that specialize in this area. Our approach is determined by the complexity of the project and budget.

Graphic Design & Printing

We have outside companies we partner with for final design and printing of maps. Our in-hose team of can produce sample materials for review before we commit to hiring the services of outside companies. Clients are welcome to use suppliers they work with. We also suggest having local businesses purchase ad space on the maps to assist in production costs.


Printed maps can be distributed to locations along the tour routes by our staff. We pre-determine the total number of maps to be distributed before printing and monitor the locations for future replenishment. Typically maps are displayed in a standard plastic brochure holder. Custom display holders can also be designed and printed. Maps can also be priced for sale if the client desires.



Destination HISTORY produces documentaries for both institutional and broadcast markets. These products are typically licensed to broadcasters and funded through financial facilities available to television producers or funded privately through organizational funding, donations and sponsorships.


The distribution of documentaries is changing. Traditional broadcast outlets are becoming less while streaming services are growing. The audience for our documentaries is worldwide. Average "shelf life" of a documentary is ten years. Distribution involves marketing, sales and media preparation. .

Film & Television Location Service

Documenting Locations

Most films and television programs today are shot on location. Location managers are always looking for new places to shoot stories. Having your region documented for presentation to location managers is one way to attract visitors and business. While the shoot may only last months, the notoriety of having your area associated with a film or television production will last years.

Film & Video Transfer Services

Media Preparation

Our in-house film and transfer facility is capable of handling all consumer video and audio formats and several professional formats too.